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It’s straightforward. Choose a category that you find interesting. See what bonuses you get. Sign up and enjoy your VIP treatment

Voucherpark is an exclusive group and is not open to everyone. This is how we can get exclusive deals, discounts, and give many extra bonuses. It also helps Voucherpark day-to-day and helps pay for staff so we can give you the additional extras that you won’t get anywhere else

Of course, at any point, if you want to cancel your subscription with us, you can do so, but we hope you enjoy what we have to offer

Absolutely not. You’ll get access to all the extras and VIP treatment that we have to offer at voucherpark, but please note choose your first category carefully as to keep a high standard. We will offer exclusive offers on a rolling basis to your first category choice. This is to make sure we can give a high standard of discounts to the people we know that will want them. But no worries, you can still access all of the other features that we have to offer and get discounts after the first run of discounts usually within minutes in your VIP only page.


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