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Best Drone for 2019

We’ve listed down the best drones for 2019 to help you narrow down your choices. Whether you’re a noob, a pro photographer, selfie lover or just want to toy around, you’re going to want to read this list.

What exactly do you need?

To help narrow down your choices, list down what you’re going to take into consideration. Portability, flight time, camera specifications, controller, and price are some of the basic features that you might want to look into before making your purchase.

Read further to get acquainted with some of the today’s best drones.

(This has been listed in now specific ranking)

DJI Mavic Pro
Over all best drone
Get it for $999

 Amazon UK here

Don’t under estimates the DJI Mavic even though it’s smaller that the Phantom 4 because what it has to offer will definitely surprise you. This is portability and power wrapped into one. It can fly for 27 minutes up to 4 miles away, great obstacle avoidance and an amazing camera that offers 4K and HD footage.

We recommend this for professionals willing to share a good amount of money in return for quality performance and output.

Our verdict:
Incredible portability
4K and HD footage
Obstacle avoidance
27 minutes flight time for up to 4 miles away
Compact and quieter compared to Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4 Pro
Choice for quality aerial footage

 Amazon UK here

30 minutes battery life that can fly up 4 miles, one-inch CMOS sensor capable of capturing 4K footage at a phenomenal 60 frames per second, and four sided obstacle avoidance, and its has a special remote controller with a 5.5-inch screen. How does that sound to you? I’d buy that thing right away if I was in your place.

If you want the only best for your photo and videos, this is the option for you.

Our verdict:
30 minutes flight time
4 miles range
Great obstacle avoidance
Comprehensive flight programs
Bulkier compared to Mavic
Excellent camera specs

DJI Spark
For all the selfie lovers out there
Amazon UK here

DJI Sparks size and weight is half of Mavic and it’s the most portable and smartest selfie drone available as of now.

You won’t be able to fit it in your jacket since it’s arms can’t be folder. But still, it’s pretty steady for both in outdoors using that comes with obstacle avoidance as well. The batteries will last you for about 16 minutes, which is honestly pretty good given it’s size.

It captures 1080p video and 12-megapixel photos and can be operated in three amazing ways: a hand controller, your mobile device or wait for it, hand gestures.

Though it doesn’t provide you high-quality footage like the Phantom does, let’s not forget that it provides great selfies *wink*. Itis a good purchase at will definitely be durable for long time usage.

Our verdict:
Awesome selfies
1080p footage
16 minutes of battery juice
Amazing options for controlling
Durable and steady
Propeller arms can’t be folded

Zerotech Dobby
Micro drone
Amazon UK here

Cheap price, small size, and ultimately, you get what you pay for.

With a body that’s smaller than a phone, Dobby struggles when the a good force of breeze comes in. Nonetheless, it still gives okay images and has face/target tracking, video selfie, orbit and somersault mode.

Though it has voice control, the camera can’t be titled from the controller so you have to manually adjust it to your preference before you fly it. Flight time is 9 minutes and there is an awful lot of rolling shutter when taking videos.

For us, you’re better off with a much better drone if you have the budget for it.

Our verdict:
Great portability
Okay images
9 minutes flight time
Unsteady when the breeze rolls in.

GoPro Karma
For extreme sports and those who love GoPros

With a three-axis front-mounted gimbal that can carry the GoPro Hero 4 or 5, with superb camera produce, this is the best option for those who love the great outdoors. though not as small as the Mavic, it’s still collapsible and compact which just ads an better feature.

The range may just be 3km yet the camera and gimbal is detachable and can be transferred to the Karma Grip for excellent land footage. Still not convinced?

There’s also a Quick editing software and navigation app that lets a ‘co-pilot’ steer the camera while you fly the drone or vice versa.

Sold? We think so.

Our verdict:
Great editing and navigation apps
Comes with a stabilizer
Co-pilot navigation
Detachable gimbal and camera
Small issues with the battery

Yuneec Breeze

Good selfie drone
 Amazon UK here

A breeze might be a lot smaller than Mavic yet it’s propeller arms can’t be folded eating up more space in your pack. We can’t say that it provides stellar output since 4K option only works without digital image stabilization. Meaning you have to be very careful when controlling this or you’ll have nothing but shaky videos.

It can be controlled from your iOS or Android device and the 1080p can be good enough but if you have money to burn, we’d advise you to get the Dobby or DJI Spark instead.

Our verdict:
operated using an iOS or Android device
Decent selfies
Easy to fly
Not as portable
Videos are quite shaky

DJI Inspire 2

Best drone for professional use

Amazon uk

The price may hold you back a yet don’t fear. It’s features are going to be worth every penny that you’ll be spending. This baby is the choice of every pro photographer and cinematographer option due to its top of the line performance.

It’s made with high-quality material like magnesium and carbon fiber with all around obstacle avoidance sensors that won’t have you worrying when flying it. Flight time is up to 27 minutes and can shoot 360 degrees panorama since it has CineCore 2.0 image processing system is housed in the nose of the craft which means only the camera’s lens and sensor are attached to the gimbal.

This bird is so well designed that all other manufacturers might be wondering why they haven’t thought of the features that Inspire 2 has.

Our verdict:
Dual controller
Up to 58mph speed
Top of the like cameras
Heavy duty materials
Quite heavy
Can shoot panoramas

With only the size of 7.4 x 94.5 x10.6mm, these peanut packs punch for it’s dimensions. It carries four propellers and a 5mp front camera angle at 7 degrees to take awesome selfies.

You can use the free app to fly this little selfie drone for up to 20 meters via its self-generated wifi where in it can take a single shot or be in burst mode.

It may only fly for 3 minutes yet it has a special mobile phone case that can acts as it’s charger so you can have loads of fun again in no time.

Our verdict:
Fast charging
Can be pocketed
3 minutes juice
Great for selfies

Many awesome features at a great price

Buy now at Amazon

Made of light but durable aluminum and high-density foam great for traveling, the YUNEEC Q500 has a 12mp camera for photos and take amazing vids at 4k/1080p.

Can flight up to 18mph/s for 25 minutes that sound like an older model yet with superb features, you’ll be buying this baby in no time.

Our verdict:
shoots 4K video
comes with two batteries and a hand mount
The most interesting feature of the Q500 4K is that it has an Android device built into the controller
quality of the screen on the controller is
definitely subpar compared to an iPad.

One of the great features are similar to the Phantom 3 but instead of using it’s own camera, it uses the GoPro Hero 4. The biggest difference between the Solo and almost any other ready-to-fly camera drone is that it’s modular/upgradable but still easy to use. It has a gimbal bay and an accessory bay, meaning that third-party companies can easily make new gimbals along with other accessories.

If you want the 3DR Solo, GoProHero 4 and the 3 axis gimbal, you’ll be shelling out a total of $1900 which isn’t pretty bad since you’ll be getting high quality output.

Our verdict:
Easy to use
Relatively expensive if you want the whole set

All around drone

Buy at Amazon UK here

Typhoon H is highly similar to the Phantom 4 if you think about it: Same price range, obstacle avoidance, and over 20 minutes of flight time for both.

One of the features that we love is it’s 6 rotors that make it flight very smoothly and if one rotor fails, well, you don’t have anything to worry about.

It comes with an all-in-one android controller, which means you don’t need a smartphone to use it, but the user interface is nowhere near as simple as the Phantom 4 or any DJI product for that matter. Also, you will need to upgrade to the Typhoon H Pro “with Realsense” to get full obstacle avoidance functionality making spend about $400 more.

All in all, this is a good drone for it’s price.

Our verdict:
6 steady rotors with a 360-degree gimbal
Over 20 minutes flight time
Great obstacle avoidance
Wind? No problem
All-in-one Android controller

UDI 818A
Great for aerial photography and videography training

Buy at Amazon UK here

Flying a drone may sound like it’s easy but we swear that it’s actually no joke and this is where the UDI 818A comes in.

This also has a first person view so you can see exactly what the camera sees during flight.

So if you want to practice those flying skills aerial photography and videography skills of yours, buy this one quick.

Our verdict:
FPV screen
Great for training
2mp camera
10 minutes flight time
3 extra batteries
Own carrying case

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