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Best text speak application for android 7 of the best applications

If you’re like me, you love to have a text-to-speech software on your Android device, and you don’t have to be visually impaired to reap the benefits of having one stored on your phone.

For example, is excellent for listening to the morning news while having your breakfast or enjoy your favourite e-book while in bed or don’t want to read an extensive article on your phone is sometimes with large articles. It can be quite a lot of text to read and sometimes you can miss important information.

below find a list of our favourite text-to-speech applications for android

1. Voice Aloud Reader
This is our top pick text reader for android, it is easy to use and supports reading text in many different ways. If the app you’re using has a share function or button you can quickly import text into voice aloud reader. This also works on apps like Facebook, Twitter, which allowed reader also allows you to copy and paste a URL into the software to read that text on their webpage is also intelligent enough to strip out things like menus and things you would not want to be read out loud. You can also add files like PDF and doc files, and it will read them

Download Voice Reader here free (there is also a premium version that removes all adverts for a small one-time fee)

2. Narrator’s Voice

This app has all the features you would expect from a text reader, but can also read from other sources like the web and messages, but a great thing about this app is also has a fun side. It allows you to change the voice with special effects like echo, garble, reverb, and it also has a fantastic range of voices to choose from, from some favourites like Cortana Siri and developer own voices, along with sheep which is rather interesting

It also has a great feature that allows you to add your text to the app and it will read that out meaning you can use it for video demonstrations, slideshows, presentations and much more. You have the option to store the file as MP3 for off-line use to share with your friends or however you wish to use offline.

The app is free but comes with a paid extra if you wish to remove the ads.

Download: Narrator’s Voice (Free)

3. Androids native text-to-speech

This software is built into most Android phones by default but has a lot fewer customisation features, but you can adjust things like speech, rate, and install other languages. That’s about it. However, it also works with other Google apps right out of the box. You can enable this function by goto the following place on your phone To allow the feature, go to Settings > System > Accessibility > Services > Select-to-speak. To use it, select text in any app and choose Speak from the popup menu. However, it might be worth trying. one other apps on this list


We have found that this app has one of the cleanest interfaces from all the other apps and software on this list. One of the best functions of this app is the built-in web browser, meaning you don’t have to worry about copying, pasting or sharing text on webpages to start using Text to speak. It also shows a nice pop-up on your screen. When you hit copy on your phone, and the app will start reading the text automatically. Like most of the other apps on this list. It also comes with the option to export your voice recording for later use. The pro version removes ads


Download: T2S (Free)

5. Talk Free

Talk free is one of the less functional apps on this list, the app can import webpages directly from your phone when inside the web browser or read the texts from third-party apps. It can also export your text into WAV.

But one very important thing to note  it relies on pre-assisting Texas’ peak engine be installed on your phone only have this on you very go ahead and download it from the play store by typing in Google Tech to speak benefit of this that it supports many languages

It comes in two versions, the free version and the pro version

Download: Talk Free (Free)

6. TK Solution Text to Speech

TK Solution Text to Speech is also one of the other popular choices. The app has a host of great features and the usual selection features and can export your full text into the WAV format and can also be used to support various languages. You can also use it to type texts, and it will read the text out .translate this into spoken texts a big downside to this app is the large space it uses on your phone and dedicated app settings to prevent other applications and working as it is the first window of other apps. You can of course also pay for the removal of ads

Download: TK Solution’s Text to Speech (Free)

7. Last but not least an app you already might have installed on your phone (Pocket)

I’m sure you realise pocket is a great place to store articles to read later. It can also be used to read the articles out loud, which is a nice touch for an app you might already have installed on your phone, but does not give you same features of the other applications on this might be worth having a look at seeing if this works for you

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