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Gaming news for march the 7th 2019 podcast


How is it going gamers at Voucherpark today is 7th off march 2019 what is new in todays game news

New Ps4 Software update lets you stream your ps4 screen to an ios device version 6.50 off the ps4 software. This feature has been available on Android for a while but it’s nice to see this finally come to ios and the iPad. You will be able to play some games with the on-screen keyboard too or some third party controllers will work to. You can also use it to quickly enter text into your ps4 or join chats easily along with some other functions so if you have an ios device as well as a ps4 go check it out. Android users in case you didn’t know about it now you do it’s out there for you too.

Today we saw the launch of the Rage 2 – Wasteland Superhero Trailer. It looks like an awesome game so far should be out for around May 14th. So keep an eye on for voucher park pricing

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Valve removes The game we have spoken off yesterday glad to see it finally been taken off and it will not be sold on steam but was taken off from the store for not why you would think due to unknown costs and risks but at least it’s not going to be for sale now

And that is your daily game news for today

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