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Gaming news podcast for march the 4th 2019


Hey, how’s it going voucher Park gamers today is Monday, 4 March 2019. Here is what happened in gaming today.


Jack black who also, of course, was in the school of rock and also voiced and helped write the epic game brutal legends. One of our founder’s favourite games. Has finally launched his YouTube channel that already has over 60,000 subscribers. Other than a few Jack Black style joke videos with himself and his son he finally started doing a let’s play of brutal legends given a more insight of him filming it and doing the voicing for the game so go check out YouTube channel  he is called JablinskiGames . Fingers crossed. This means a brutal legends two in the near future. We can hope and pray.


Apex legends only launched a month ago without any advertising has already hit over 50 million unique players, which is pretty impressive as theirs. also rumours of them starting a battle pass soon


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Big news for Halo fans. The new Halo Infinite will be talked about at E3 2019, which is  100 days away, a Microsoft official has said most of it. they will talk about their new game engine SlipSpace and is also rumours of new Xbox one hardware coming soon.


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