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Gaming Podcast for 22nd April 2019

Hello and welcome back voucherpark games 2 today’s podcast for monday 22nd April 2019.

In today’s news:

For two weeks only, street fighter 5 is going free to play!

As from Tuesday 23rd of April, Capcon is opening up Street fighter 5 free to play over on Steam. So it means anyone can jump in and play with 20 playable characters across the number of modes. The trial time will run from 23rd of April to may 5th, during that time you will be able to play the arcade edition, an expanded version of the original, it adds arcade mode, extra battle mode and team battle mode. Yes it may be an old game, but a classic nonetheless.

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The physics-based VR game gadgeteer, has moved into early access, its a puzzle game where you create contraptions out of bits of wood and metal to get little silver balls from point a to point b. You must build chain reaction machines to solve intricate puzzles. Bounce bump twist and turn your little balls across the map and possibly even into other dimensions!?

The early access version includes 3 tools, 50 gadgets, 60 unique levels and some beautiful beautiful music to listen too. There is even a sandbox mode to mess about in. The developer metanaut said. “we hope to move gadgeteer from early access to full game within 8 months. But early access will give us views on what players want to help make the best building game for virtual reality.”

We will be keeping our eyes out on this one. Let’s hope the next 8 months will help them out.

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That’s about all we have for today, thanks for listening check back next time.

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