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Gaming podcast for march the 21th 2019


Welcome back Voucherpark gamers to today’s podcast for Thursday 21st March 2019.


In today’s news:


Konami classics are coming to all platforms in early summer 2019 set to be added as downloadable games on pc and Consoles. There will be eight games; they are celebrating 50 years of the company coming into the gaming industry. In the past, they produced jukeboxes. The bundle will be Castlevania’s collection, which will contain Castlevania 1, 2, 3 and Super Castlevania, along with four more to-be-announced titles. Rumours of a few more extra ones to be released at a later date.


Epic news for game developers!

If you are currently developing a project that will be using the unreal engine or if you have plans to start there is a possibility of grants being available between $5,000 to $500,000.


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Telltale The Walking Dead will be released next week on March 26th! Nice to finally see that they have finished the game after all the problems they had.A few of us here at voucherpark have been waiting for  this release date!

Cuphead is coming to Switch next month

And Xbox live leaderboards and other xbox live interactions. nice to see xbox live beginning to adopt other games on switch as well . Especially after what Mojang had done with Minecraft and the Bedrock Edition.


That is about it for your game news for today.

Untill next time.

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