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Gaming podcast for Monday 18th march 2019

(podcast transcript)

Welcome back Voucher park gamers to today’s podcast for Monday 18th march 2019..

The phenomenon that is Red dead redemption 2,seems that in a recent patch, the graphics have been downgraded?.
Displaying acres of richly detailed open world country, with fantastic 4k resolution on both the PS4 and Xbox One, there is no doubt it’s pushing the eighth generation consoles to their limits. So WHY?, may we ask is Rockstar walking back on that ambition with a recent patch.?
A player of the game has suggested,the studio has been slowly degrading the lighting physics since launch, perhaps to make it a smoother rate of play in both single player and online multiplayer?. Rockstar have made no official statement on this change…
Is this all just smoke and mirrors? Let us know what you think in the comments below..

A brand new Sonic the hedgehog game is in development.
Takashi Iizuka the vice president of product development for the sonic franchise at sega has confirmed that the next main Sonic game has “begun production”..
Now if you are like us here at voucherpark, who are complete fanboys of the sonic games..
And are super excited for a new sonic the hedgehog game,we found out that the panellist revealed details of a series of animated shorts, that will accompany the games release. We are sorry to say that’s all the information we have gained so far. But nonetheless to have a new sonic the hedgehog game back will be fantastic.

Hello games has announced No man’s sky: online
The next free update for its procedurally generated space exploration game.
They have offered almost no details on what online will consist of, but it teases a radical new multiplayer experience.
Hello games did say the update will be available this summer and will allow players everywhere in the universe to meet and play together, but besides this short blurb they aren’t sharing any details.
Something to look forward too? Will it work? Guess we will find out soon enough..

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