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Gaming-podcast-News -28th-march-2019

Welcome back Voucherpark gamers to today’s podcast for Thursday 26th March 2019.

For those of you that have been waiting for Borderlands 3 by gearbox software you do not have to wait any longer, today gearbox released first their official trailer for Borderlands free. If you are listening to this podcast at our website voucher Park, then please click below to view the video of this trailer. I know this will please many of you who are Borderlands fans.

Gwent, the Witcher card game Will be coming to iOS and then android It will be released for iOS sometime this year. If you did not check this game out already, you could do so by downloading the game for free on consoles, Xbox, PC and PlayStation

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That is about it today for your game news. Don’t forget to log in to your voucherpark account to earn your points from listening to our podcasts, all to get your VIP discounts New podcast every weekday.

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