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Welcome back Voucherpark gamers to today’s podcast for Friday 29th March 2019.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades Hit early access today for some players who were waiting to play the new game exclusive for Android and iOS. The game will be free to play, but of course, with in-app purchases for currency and some unique items graphics are outstanding and promising is nice see a game franchise as big as this one, hitting mobile devices. I’m sure many of you have been waiting for this for some time. If not You know about it now. Players who signed up for early access to the available will be notified on a rolling basis. If you have not got your early access already, and listening to this on our website at voucher Park, then please click below for the link to still receive early access to get this game as soon as possible.

click here to get Early game play to The elder Scholls Blades

Wolfenstein: Youngblood Is getting a buddy system this will allow you to give a friend a temporary copy of the title so you can play together. I think this is in done. as two playable characters and And if you don’t have friends to play with, or is not a game your friends are interested in. Don’t worry, and you can still play with AI You’ll need to buy the deluxe version of this game order to do this but is a respective price of around $40, which is cheap for a triple-A title game

Risk of Rain 2 Has come to steam It will be early access, but does support Co-op player for up to 4 players in this case – offering a buy one get one free deal they think the game will be an early access for about one year a plan to add more content and polish the game before official release.

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That is about it today for your game news. Don’t forget to log in to your voucherpark account to earn your points from listening to our podcasts, all to get your VIP discounts New podcast every weekday.

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