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Gaming-podcast-News -for-26th-march-2019

Welcome back Voucherpark gamers to today’s podcast for Tuesday 26th March 2019.

In today’s news: a new lord of the rings game is in development called Lord of the Rings – Gollum. We don’t have much information on it, yet it has a release date target off around two years 2021. We don’t know much of what the gameplay with being yet other then it aimed to be an arcade style. We can’t wait to see a game based on Gollum; it is nice to see how they will work on his split personality, and hopefully, it is an excellent stealth type game.

Apple to launch apple arcade for iOS this will be a lot like origin access or Xbox game pass apple said they are making this as there is a lot off free to play games on mobile. However, it’s not easy for premium games to get recognised. Apple has said there would be around 100 games at launch this fall.

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New unlockable hero for apex-legends
Octane his main power is speed, but there is a trade-off in losing health, so you need to use his powers in the right way to kill players on the spot then heal up as quick as possible

That is about it today for your game news. Don’t forget to log in to your voucherpark account to earn your points from listening to our podcasts, all to get your VIP discounts New podcast every weekday.

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