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Gaming podcast News for black ops 4 one month, three new game by Remero

Welcome back Voucherpark gamers to today’s podcast for Tuesday 2nd of April 2019.

First of all, would like to say sorry for our absence yesterday. We did not feel like we could do a news podcast yesterday as it was April Fools’ Day. we did not want to give you any news if it was not real but never know. Nevertheless, we’re back now.
So in today’s news.
Black Ops 4 Blackout Gets a new map today plus a battle royale mode will be free for one month on all platforms to celebrate the new map launch And also seems the base game will be free in till 31st of April For all players on all platforms. Developers have said that any progress will be saved and transferred to anyone that may purchase the game after the free trial. This is to celebrate the new map for the game based on the iconic call of duty prison Alcatraz This version of the map will first come out on PlayStation four and other platforms at a later date.


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Romero games partnering with Paradox
Romero games Have said they have a new business relationship with paradox To make a new IP strategy game. Not much more information is available at this time, but the developers of both teams have said. Watch out for E 3 This coincides with other news given by the company a little while ago on their free expansion pack for original doom called Sigil And will also have a soundtrack made by Buckethead.

Also, guys, that’s about it for your day’s news its been quite a quiet day today. Everyone is recovering from the April Fools’ Day jokes. I guess

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