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Hello, welcome back VoucherPark gamers. On today’s podcast march 15th 2019:
Battlefield 5 is getting its Firestorm battle royale mode. Battlefield 5 is going battle royale with its brand new firestorm mode. Itll be available to all players on march 25th.
Feeling vulnerable as a squishy human.? Why not jump in a tank and roam the battle with some extra armour. YES that’s right, vehicles will also be dotted around the map including choppers and even tractors.
Matches will fling 64 players. You can go it alone or team up with with your buddies as a squad of 4. So get ready soldiers, its time to roll out..

Two point Hospital has a free weekend.
On steam this weekend up until the 18th of march 2019 two point hospital will be free to play.
It will also let you keep your game save progress once the weekend is over..
Not only this but it has a 32% off sale up untill the 21st march.
As well as the beloved mascot of the Half-Life series, the headcrab has joined the game as a new disease.
After the free weekend you can keep the game for just £16,74 . So why not play the free weekend trial and if you like the game pick it up while you can.

Satisfactory the brand new first person factory building sim, not only is the game beautiful but the animations are amazing.
If you enjoy collecting resources and building massive automated machines you will love this game!
Starting off is a little bit grindy. But watching the animations is totally worth it.
Pick it up on the epic games launcher ready to play on the 18th march.

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