Below is a list of the VIP groups that we currently have available. We will be constantly reviewing and  adding new VIP groups, please choose a category of interest to you. In the very near future we will be launching some brand new  categories with some fantastic offers.

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Video Games and board games

Become a part of our exclusive gaming club, where not only will you get amazing discounts you also get inside gaming news throughout the year, both on our blog, our daily podcast and exclusive streaming sessions.

We will have a variety of reviews based on the gaming industry.

Get together with your fellow Voucherpark users and come to our UK gaming LAN events and play games with us at our online private gaming community and so so much more.

Technology & Gadgets

Do you love technology?

Just like our founder but maybe you find it expensive then why not join our exclusive technology club?

Not only will you get discounts on all various types of technology for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, robotics, PC, laptop parts and much more, you’ll also get exclusive blogs and how-to guides and access to our forever growing technology community along with other technically minded people.

Health and Beauty

Sit back, relax and enjoy all exclusive benefits from our health and beauty club!

Get access to exclusive deals on all your daily essentials from body care, makeup or even that long awaited spa day. Go on give yourself that well deserved pamper and  look after yourself.

 You  most certainly won’t find a better health and well-being community out there.

Holiday / Getaway Club

Do you enjoy a quick weekend getaway, or you’d like a break from the day-to-day hustle and bustle?

Maybe you just love a bargain!?

Then look no further, why not book your next holiday getaway with us. Not only will you get fantastic offers, you’ll  everything you need to know whether that is what to expect when visiting  a foreign country, how it may be different from the UK  or  Things you can do when you get to your  holiday destination all featured in detailed blogs just for you!

Book your holiday today with Voucherpark.

Everyday essentials

We all have the essentials that we can’t live without from toothpaste, toilet roll, soap, coffee and so on. Let us help you save on those much needed essentials.

Take a vote and tell us what products you want to see next and we will try our best to find these for you at fantastic prices.

You may even be lucky enough to get free samples of existing products or new products due to be released.

Pets Club

We all love our pets, but at times they can be costly or sometimes we need advice on taking care of them.

Join to get access to our pet club where you can chat to other owners, get advice, share experiences or even post pictures of your fur babies.

Many discounts will be available on great products to give your pet the paw-fect life!

We will continually be adding new groups to our site so remember by joining one group you have access to all of our exclusive groups.

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