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New fable game could be on the way Google to close the gaming YouTube app 2 days


Hello and welcome back voucherpark gamers to today’s podcast, for Tuesday 28th of May 2019.
In today’s news:

CD Projekt will not be releasing a playable demo at E3 this year but only a gameplay presentation. This is not the news fans wanted to hear since their presentation at the same event last year. The bad news does not end there. It is also rumoured that their planned release date will be delayed. Territory Studio, the company behind the logo for Cyberpunk 2077, had a post in Reddit, where they said that the game will be released this 2019, has now been deleted. Yikes. Given all their success at last year’s event, people would expect more out of the game and possibly even a release date. Fans will just have to wait on what CD Projekt has in store for this year’s E3.

On the bright side of things, there are rumours that Sony will be finally giving a release date for The Last of Us II this week. They will also be releasing a new trailer to show according to sources close to Sony. Not only that but Hideo Kojima, the genius behind Metal Gear Solid, released a teaser for Death Stranding which had fans keep wondering what the game is about. It has been more than 3 years since the game’s announcement and fans still doesn’t know what the game is about. It looks like Sony is looking to steal the show from E3.

News from Microsoft. There has been a leak where if you type “Fable” on Mixer, one of Microsoft’s streaming service, you would be able to find “Fable 4” without any thumbnail. Rumours about the game has been going around for years now and just keeps gaining steam every year. The company has listed job openings towards the end of 2018 for a AAA rpg game they have in the works. It is rumoured to be Fable 4 and with the recent leak, it looks like it is indeed true. If not, Microsoft is playing a dangerous game here.

In more gaming news, Google announces the shutdown of their Youtube Gaming App effective 30th of May. Google released their app to rival twitch’s gaming platform and the reason for their shutdown is to “build a new home for the gaming community that thrives on Youtube, not just the Youtube gaming app”.

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