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Gaming podcast 16th April 2019


Hello and welcome back voucherpark gamers to today’s podcast, for Tuesday 16th of April 2019.
In today’s news:

The Internet went crazy today over the news of a new console from Sony that is not yet being called the PS five, but it will be backwards compatible with the PlayStation 4 and it is very obvious that this is not just a simple PlayStation to update like the PlayStation 4 pro. Lead architect Mark Cerny has said that the console will have an SSD drive and will not be download only still having a disk drive Giving amazing performance for the next generation of Sony console, this should cut Loading times tremendously and the speed of the console will be greatly improved.
The CPU will be a AMD Ryzen third generation And the GPU will be a custom version of Radeon’s Navi line. This GPU is capable of ray tracing. Also, it has been confirmed that the current PlayStation VR will be compatible with this version of the console. But do not expect to see this console to be out in 2019 we will be following this very closely over the next few months, and ofcourse, when this goes on sale, we here at voucherpark will make sure to have it for in stock.

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Superhot VR.
This new remastered VR version has outsold The original game by selling Over 800,000 copies It has now also hit PlayStation VR top list. We still haven’t managed too, but we Can’t wait to play the game ourselves.

The mobile quiz game HQ has big problems at the company CEO of the company has been accused of not managing the company properly. employees set a petition to try and get rid of him as a CEO. But the company promptly fired all employees who started it, leaving the morale, Not so good. They have also fired the main host of the game. It also turns out that the CEO is under investigation.
It will be interesting to find out what happens next.

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That’s about all we have for today, thanks for listening check back next time.

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