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podcast gaming news for march 12 2019


How is it going gamers at Voucherpark today is the 12th of March 2019 what is new in today’s game news.

Sorry for not doing a podcast on Friday the 8th and Monday the 11th both where slow news days and we did not think it was worth making a daily podcast we are going to see what we can fill the podcast with if there is not a big news day at some point any ideas let us know with your comments below. However, for today’s news

Microsoft is finally releasing Halo: The Master Chief Collection on pc and steam as well great to see Microsoft putting out there that is not just in the windows ten store.

Microsoft has given us information on project x cloud. This will be a system that will let you play games on any device its been demo on an android phone and a regular Xbox one controller connected to the phone via Bluetooth. We are interested to see this as it does grow it is going to be hosted in the Microsoft datacenters across the world. We hope this still does mean you can buy a CD copy as well but be able to play it on the go if you want to to keep a fair market for everyone or at least lest other sellers sell downloadable copies off games as well as different pricing. Public trails will start this year has been said.

A Found Google patent for a new gaming controller the patent is not for a controller design itself but for a notification light on the controller that will say when a new game is out or a change in the leader board at more information is reported to be coming in the game Developers Conference in 2019 later this month a long with more information on googles game streaming service.

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