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Possable new Simpsons Game coming soon 2019 2020 new hi tech gloves by sony

Hello and welcome back voucherpark gamers to today’s podcast, for Monday 27th of May 2019.
In today’s news:

There have been rumours of Sony developing a pair of hi-tech gloves that will be used for virtual reality gaming. The gloves will respond to certain types of interaction in the game. There are a few games in mind that would be perfect for this technology. Upcoming games like Borderlands 3 and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a few picks that could use this technology if it ever reaches the last quarter of 2019. While things are not set in stone, they have claimed the patent, and it is exciting to see what is next in store for Sony.

In other news, Overwatch commissioner, Nate Nanzer, is set to leave Activision Blizzard for Epic Games to work on Fortnite. Activision Blizzard loses another notable figure in their company. Nate Nanzer spearheaded the competitive scene for Overwatch and is one of the main reasons for the league’s success since 2016. Nate Nanzer said and I quote, “Hey Overwatch League family. I wanted to share that soon I will be leaving Blizzard for a new opportunity. This has been the toughest decision of my life because it means I won’t get to work with the best staff, players, teams, owners, partners, and fans in esports anymore.”

More news about the upcoming E3 event this coming June. It is quite a shock to hear that the entertainment streaming giant, Netflix, will be having their panel for this coming E3 but the news keeps on getting more bizarre with ‘The Simpsons” securing their own panel for the event. Could this be the long-awaited sequel to their Hit & Run game or possibly a remaster?

Here is news from Paradox Interactive, the company that brought elusive titles such as Cities Skylines and Stellaris to PC gamers. They have just confirmed that there will be a brand new strategy game that will be announced at PDXCON this coming October in Berlin. There is no news yet whether the game will be a sequel to their previous titles or a completely new title.

News from GOG. GOG announces a refreshed platform of their GOG Galaxy. With all the fray on which pc platform to use, GOG might have just found the solution. Here is the quote from GOG’s managing director, Piotr Karwowski. “As gamers, we need to juggle between multiple clients to access our games and see what our friends are playing. We believe gamers deserve a better experience, and this became the driving force to redefine GOG GALAXY client. GOG GALAXY 2.0 is designed for all gamers and extends well beyond existing GOG users, into both PC and console platforms.” Instead of companies like Epic Games, EA and Steam duking it out to be the go-to platform for gamers, GOG announces their solution and hopefully be the one stop to all different platforms.

Notable game releases for this week.

Total War: Three Kingdoms. Assassin’s Creed 3: Remastered. Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland. Dauntless (consoles). Observation. Resident Evil Origins Collection. Team Sonic Racing.

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That’s about all we have for today, thanks for listening check back next time.

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