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the 15th November set for new Pokemon games Sword and Shield


The newest Pokemon games, Sword and Shield have now a confirmed release date which is the 15th November. These games are coming to the Nintendo Switch and me for one along with others am excited for this! Always been a fan of the Pokemon games and the excitement never stops. To add to this it has also been announced that the Dynamax feature will be available, which is basically super sizing your pokemon which boosts their strength, this can only be used once per match so you will need to decide when best to use it! For more info check out their Twitter page @pokemon.


Amazon UK inadvertently leaked the new Watchdogs game via a listing, titled Watch Dogs Legion. It has since been removed from their website. However off the back of this, Ubisoft have released a teaser that confirms the rumours, there isn’t much to gather from the teaser, just the logo but still it will hype up the game nevertheless


Next week…the biggest games convention will be happening…E3!


This year Sony will not be making an appearance, there is no definitive reason why not as they have been vague, fobbing us off with excuses such as not having enough to show off and it is not great timing in the year for it.


With the lack of Sony this year, Microsoft will be looking to take full advantage of this and claim that this will be the biggest E3 ever for them. Other than Microsoft there will be plenty of announcements from the likes of Ubisoft, Nintendo, Square Enix etc.


E3 will be kicking off on Tuesday but normally most of the reveals are made just before so stay tuned this weekend as who knows what we will find out


As always we shall keep you in the loop!


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Well that’s all for today, thanks for listening and check back next time!

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