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What is the best VPN and why do I need a VPN in 2019


The question we often get asked a lot by customers off-line and online. It what is a VPN is and why should i get one their many reasons to get VPN reason are to access content should not be able to stream form in your country like Netflix, USA, which often has a lot more content than others Netflix locations. You can also other services like Hulu and Pandora. This works by changing the location you connect to from a local server or IP address to one of the locations you wish to have weathered as USA, Australia, New Zealand or even the UK. This means that the service or website you are using thinks you’re coming from that location. It can also be used to help hide some of your Internet traffic from your local Internet service provider (ISP)

using public Wi-Fi and a VPN.

One thing. A lot of people don’t seem to understand is often that free public Wi-Fi you hop onto are not always safe even that hotel wifi where you pay that small fee to use daily or free Wi-Fi at a coffee shop. Anyone that is slightly tech-savvy can easily eavesdrop into what you’re doing, even read your emails even. The site you have viewed and all images and content of the website, but on a VPN your traffic is rooted outside of the public Wi-Fi network and means they cannot be viewed in this way, of course, VPNs are used inside businesses to keep their employees traffic safe from prying eyes when they are at public Wi-Fi hotspots like mentioned above.

But these are different from business VPNs. We are talking about VPNs that the public can use. We need to be extra careful when using a VPN. In this way, as once we’re connected to it all traffic is been rooted to this service, meaning a lot of free VPNs out there often change the way the traffic is received back to your device or computer, meaning putting adverts inside pages to make money or even sometimes installing malware on your devices. This is why we are creating this list so that you know what the best VPNs are and you can trust. We recommend that if you need a VPN. You pay a small fee rather than trying to find the best free VPN as is always anyway, they’re making money from your data. While most paid VPNs, of course, our making money by your fee but do bear in mind that in most cases, your Internet will be slower while using a VPN due to your traffic been rooted to a different location. Most standards paid VPN services offer a good speed of around 5 MB, sometimes, even more, our top VPN seems to give us a speed very close to what we pay for our local ISP, which is our fibre speed, so we don’t seem to lose much speed. This is why we love to use that VPN.

So let’s list our top VPNs that we think you should be using.

PVanish is our top pick VPN its the one that we often use ourselves as like we said before it has the best speed most of the time we’re getting about 55 Meg down at most severs, which is a lot better than most paid services. We also like the fact that is easy to use and install and can be used on up to 5 devices is also very easy to Choose which location you wish to come from or appear as though you do. We also like that it has the following

no logging(meaning they don’t keep logs of their user’s activity when using their service. You should be anonymous and they can’t give any data to anyone about you as they just don’t have it) It also has over 60 locations. You can choose from and between them at any point. Unlike many other VPN services. They also operate all of their servers and software themselves

you can get a discount if you pay for larger times, e.g. 12 months over one month or three months over one

Tunnel bear is a great VPN one of its main goals is to make it as easy as possible to use this means as a nice clean easy interface and of course with lots of cute bears. They also do not log user’s activity, not even on their website. Also helps you quickly connect to a country of choice without needing for you to choose a server. It will also connect you to the closest server to you for that location, giving you the best connection and speed possible in our tests, we have found we get a round 5 to 9 MB, down respectively. We do have to love the interface and is a joy to see that bear tunnel to your new location tunnel bear does also have a free service that allows you to try for 500mb a month or a basic plan of 9.99 a month or get for a whole year and get yours for around $4.99 a month

speedify is a VPN with a bit of a difference then other so far, it’s very easy to use, is available for iOS and android and also Windows and Mac PCs. What makes Speedify different from other VPNs is their goal is to speed up your Internet connection when using their service two things that make Speedify good is the fact that you don’t need to join in order to start using you can simply download the software and you get 1 GB free and then after 1 GB: u you have to pay a fee which starts at $8.99 a month or $49.99 for 12 months (which works out a round $4.17 a month). The other great feature about this be great VPN, making it one of the best VPNs you can get is the fact that if you have a speed as fast as 150mb they can match it, which is great as not many free VPNs or even paid VPNs have that promise. Although in our view is not still not as good as IP vanish it’s in a great choice of VPN, especially if speed is a big factor for you

OverPlay VPN is a UK-based service does not have as many servers as some of the best VPNs on this list, but having said that is a great choice in our testing. It gives you speeds of around 5 to 6mb, making it a great VPN to bypass blocked websites in your location and to surf the web anonymously. Another great feature about this VPN overplay is that they can easily be configured via openVPN to connect inside your router meaning that all connections to the router will be rooted to the VPN. They also have no traffic logs and offer unlimited bandwidth and military standard encryption like a lot of the other VPNs on this list. Pricing starts at around $9.95 a month and can be had for as little as $8.33 a month by paying in advance

Zen vpn this VPN as a unique trait that or the other paid services do not have allows you to pay for weekly usage. This is the reason why we have add it to this list as a few people may wish to only pay weekly for their VPN service. It does also have a free plan and two weekly plans. The cheapest one limiting you to 5 GB a day by the more expensive one that les you use unlimited traffic. You can also pay for their service, monthly and yearly, like a lot of the others on this list, it does also let you use peer-to-peer traffic but do remember it is still illegal to tolerant copyrighted material online. No matter if you are using a VPN

This includes our list of the best free and paid VPNs; you may find other websites out there listing more VPNs. We’ve only registered the VPNs we have tested and tried and have liked their uniqueness. That is why we are not listed lots VPNs here just wanted to offer the best VPN, but if we do find some more worth adding, we will add them here.

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